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Learning and improvement

Safeguarding Adult Review

A Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) (formerly a Serious Case Review) establishes whether there are lessons to be learnt from the circumstances of a specific case.

It interrogates and highlights both good practice and areas that require improvement regarding the way in which local professionals and agencies work together to safeguard vulnerable adults.

In addition, it aims to:

  • Review the effectiveness of procedures
  • Inform and improve local inter-agency practice
  • Improve practice by acting on learning and preparing or commissioning an overview report.

Local case review

A Local Case Review is a less formal review than a Serious Case Review (SCR) and is held where there are less serious failings in multi-agency practice or procedures.

Its objective is similar to a SCR in that it should identify areas for improvement regarding effective safeguarding practice.

In some cases, incidents will highlight areas for improvement for one agency alone and this would lead to a Single Agency Learning Review.

During 2014/15 the WSAB commissioned two Local Case Reviews and one Single Agency Learning Review. The reviews and resulting lessons learned plans are overseen by the Learning and Improvement Subgroup with progress reports back to the Board. They form a key element of the WSAB Learning and Improvement Plan and activity regarding casefile audits and analysis of safeguarding systems and processes.

In 2015/16, we will be able to provide detail as to how our Lessons Learned Action Plans have improved safeguarding outcomes for adults across all the areas included within the scope of the plans.